Today’s business and educational environments demand frequent contact with email, social media and shared documents, often when working on the go – so a seamless and always available WiFi connection is essential for the productivity of staff, visitors and guests.

Moving throughout the office and interacting with colleagues, continuous WiFi access empowers your staff with the use of mobile devices, even engaging clients more personally, as any part of the office becomes a meeting and conference room. And importantly, always maintaining separate staff and visitors’ access to network for security purposes.

Professional WiFi connectivity can bring benefits to your business, delivering flexibility and freedom, improving working practices and building client loyalty. Whatever your organisation is looking to accomplish, talk to us about a bespoke solution.

Trust Trident for WiFi:

  • Safe and secure
  • Multiple networks – staff and visitors
  • Scalable solutions
  • Rapid deployment
  • Service SLA’s – onsite support
  • Indoor and outdoor, hotspots
  • Guaranteed coverage