Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing

In today’s global business marketplace, organisations of every size can realise the benefits of video conferencing; reducing travel time and travel costs – making it safer and greener for employees – increased productivity through speed and collaboration, the list goes on.

Working together over distance takes sales meetings, project meetings and other mission critical assemblies, to a new level of communication. Video meetings of substantial quality bring people face to face, as lifelike as sitting round the same table and sharing the same documents.

Not just in business either, but health and education sectors, government departments. The ability to bring the home office or motorway service station into the boardroom at the click of a button gets your key people right where you need them to be without the hassle, risk and expense of travelling.

Trident partners with experienced video conferencing specialists that will integrate the VC solution into your ICT project managed by Trident, or as a standalone project. Or you may be looking to deploy video for the first time, to upgrade from an existing system, to integrate video into an IP network.

Experts will design and deliver a site-based or cloud-based video platform, whichever technology is appropriate to your objectives, from industry leading manufacturers such as Cisco, Polycom, Crestron and Lifesize.

We will help you to understand how video conferencing can increase productivity within your own operations, and how to leverage the power of video communication to positively influence the markets in which you work.

Trust Trident for Video Conferencing:

  • Design and implementation
  • Project management and training
  • Industry leading technology
  • Any sized device
  • Premises or cloud based solutions
  • New video projects and upgrades
  • Integrate video to IP networks