Schools employ unique people – those who form the teaching, administrative, facilities and governing staff – and schools have a unique way of working, which differs greatly from purely commercial UK organisations.

Although no two schools are the same, whether a small village primary, a large state upper or a private school enterprise, the common factor among them is a fundamental emphasis on the education, development and welfare of young people.

Providing telephone systems and IT solutions for schools must therefore meet the needs of the staff and pupils, and integrate to an environment which creates the freedom, space and safety for learning to flourish.

The team at Trident Voice & Data has worked with UK schools since 1991. In that time our experience has grown and adapted to the changes in technology. From the days when fax machines were pretty cool and innovative, to today where seemingly every child has their own powerful tablet or smartphone.

Trident takes the stress out of choosing the right telephone system for your school or college. We can guide you towards a solid and reliable premises-based PBX, or towards a VoIP solution where the telephony platform is hosted in the cloud. All depending on your unique resources and requirements, now and for the foreseeable future.

We also know we must adapt to your unique physical environment:

“The science block is a brand new building with fibre optic and WiFi connectivity”

“The drama huts were built in the 1950’s and the phone doesn’t work when it rains”

Sound familiar?

So, if you are tasked to implement a new telephone system that will keep the Head happy, ensure the parents and teachers stay in touch, routes calls through reception at peak times, integrates with SIMS, gets installed during the school holiday, on a miniscule budget, and must have unanimous agreement from all the governors – give us a call and we’ll show you how!

Telephony features that really work for schools:

  • First impression: answering system or friendly operator? You choose depending on time of day
  • Automated call handling to reduce operator bottlenecks at peak times
  • Absentee reporting line
  • Anti-bullying line
  • On demand “One button record” for child protection and staff safety
  • Direct dialling to individuals or departments
  • Shared phones for teachers; staff rooms, etc
  • Mailboxes for teachers
  • Cordless handsets for mobile staff
  • Mobile phones that are free to call from your land lines
  • Direct routing of calls to staff mailboxes
  • Softphones – use your PCs or laptops as a phone
  • Utilise your existing cabling infrastructure
  • Door and gate entry system integrated with telephone system
  • Adversity messages, “the school is closed until Tuesday due to heavy snow”
  • Segregated WiFi networks – allow pupils to submit course work securely from their own devices
  • Point to point laser – avoid laying cables across the campus
  • Low cost line rental and calling tariffs

Trust Trident for Schools:

  • Experienced, friendly professionals
  • All school sizes and sectors
  • Manufacturer demonstrations on your premises
  • Installation and commissioning during school breaks
  • On-going support
  • Happy school customer references for you to talk to