Mobile for the 21st Century

Trident partners with the largest independent business-to-business mobile service providers in the country. We will work with you to understand the dynamics of your business, and design a creative and cost-effective mobile solution that is as individual as your organisation.

We believe your business will need to partner with the suppliers and the skills capable of delivering reliable mobile services that transform an ordinary business into one with freedom to express, flexibility and a competitive edge. Coupled with a portfolio designed to cover the entire remote working estate, including devices, airtime, broadband and managed solutions, underpinned with dedicated customer service to support businesses on the go.

Our customers enjoy the benefits of service delivery from a Vodafone Premier Partner and O2 Centre of Excellence accreditation. You can choose the right handsets for your needs: Apple, BlackBerry, HTC, Nokia and Samsung – why not call to discuss?

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Trust Trident Mobile:

  • Tailor-made mobile packages
  • Top industry credentials
  • On site and online account management
  • Meticulous transition process
  • Guaranteed SLA’s

Trident Mobile Tariffs – cost efficient mobile communications

As a Trident customer you get outstanding deals negotiated with our mobile partners, which keeps your mobile running costs to a minimum.

Together with great value tariffs, Trident provides bespoke solutions that will match your business requirements, however complex. We can create a package that includes landline minutes, same network calls and messaging; a simple example of how we can help you to better manage your mobile devices and the people that use them.

In addition, why not subscribe to the Business Share Tariff? You will enjoy accurate budget estimates – based on your usage – to produce a single, manageable monthly invoice.

Trust Trident Mobile Tariffs:

  • Your business needs met with customised tariffs and bundles
  • Guaranteed SLA’s for reliable support and delivery
  • European and worldwide Roaming packages

Mobile Roaming – freedom for business travellers

Business today is not bound by the geographical constraints of the past. Many organisations trade abroad and have offices in worldwide locations. And how much easier is it these days to squeeze in a week away, when you can stay in touch with the office from a hot, sandy beach?

Foreign travel may be an essential part of today’s business life, but excessive roaming charges should not. We ensure you avoid unexpected roaming charges by providing a package that covers your mobile usage when you are out of the country.

Trust Trident Roaming:

  • Roaming activated same day
  • Multiple tariff options
  • Additional bolt-on options
  • Clear, itemised billing through MyAccount

Trident Mobile Transitioning – a matter of confidence

Any transfer from one service or supplier to another involves a risk to your business.

To minimise any disruption during a mobile changeover requires planning, experience – and more importantly – a genuine partnership of shared responsibility. Trident recognises this risk and makes our accountability in the process the top priority.

Using proven systems and processes and providing clear communication, you get maximum continuity of service during the transfer process. We ensure that key stakeholders are informed from the beginning of the project and that our migration specialists monitor and adjust to events to deliver a trouble free transition.

Trust Trident Transitioning:

  • Detailed porting schedule
  • Managed port liaison with outgoing provider
  • Network monitoring
  • Coverage check and test
  • Delivery of key updates to mobile workers