Landlines and Calls

Landlines and Calls

Landlines and Calls

Trident can deliver a range of call and line packages that will suit your company and individual users’ calling profile.

As well as highly competitive tariffs you can trust Trident to arrange the installation of new lines or the transfer of your existing services. We make this quick and easy with little or no disruption to your organisation.

We only deal with established Tier 1 carriers so you are assured of reliability and excellent call quality wherever in the world you may be calling

  • Free carrier liaison service: we do the complicated ordering work for you
  • Digital, (ISDN) analogue and SIP trunks
  • Non geographic numbers: 08xx, 03xx
  • World class network providers for optimum call quality
  • Per second billing – no minimum call or call set up charges
  • Easy to read monthly invoices, plus itemised call reports
  • Frequent account management reviews to check tariff remains competitive

To see how your current call tariff compares with the latest industry offerings, why call us for a free audit? It’s surprising how many companies we meet who have not reviewed their costs recently, and unbelievably some who are still stuck on ancient standard BT call rates

Inbound Numbers
Inbound calls are important to any business. Making it easy for customers to call you and routing calls to the right department are essential for good customer service and closing sales quickly.

Memorable numbers could maximise the return on investment of your advertising and marketing campaigns.

Non geographical numbers are simply routed to the landline or mobile of your choice; these can be easily changed through our online portal giving your business full control and flexibility.

Inbound services really are much more than just a number…

  • Online control of your numbers through web portal
  • Points to an existing number, so no need for additional line rental
  • Flexible: take your number with you if you move premises.
  • Quickly change where your calls are forwarded to at any time
  • Improve your customer experience by attaching Call Management services to your number such as call queuing, voice-mail or fax to email.

Trust Trident for business lines and calls – 01932 842009