In today’s business world, access to the internet – and the need to stay connected to it – is the single most important element of your communications estate. With so many business critical services either hosted or accessed via the cloud, the pressure on networks is constantly increasing and downtime can be expensive or even disastrous.

You may be one of the UK’s vital and buzzing SME’s, or an organisation in the corporate or public sectors; either way, staying connected is a critical part of doing business.

Trident selects providers that can offer high-capacity broadband and internet connectivity, backed with strong Service Level Agreements for performance, circuit uptime and core network latency. We will provide you with the right connectivity solution for your specific needs.

Cost-effective and always available, your network, however complex, should be designed to optimise IT efficiency and be managed effectively so it is available around the clock.

Networks now reach out beyond the head office, to home workers, field-based staff and branch offices. Connectivity solutions often require a range product offerings and Trident will help you select those which match you needs and budget.

IP Telephony is now often blended into the corporate data network, along with internal and external web-based applications such as video, and SaaS. That’s why we understand the influence these services can exert on bandwidth requirements. Trident will ensure that the correct network services are selected so that a pro-active monitoring of all your connections is provided and the right solutions for your business.

Our Tier 1 communications and network partners also deliver global solutions to those companies who require European, American or Asian office connectivity.

Managed Internet
When access is so important to your organisation that you need more than just a standard internet connection – you need managed internet. Critical services that rely on internet access such as email, web browsing, internet sales, home and remote workers, applications and increasingly SaaS; internet downtime is unacceptable.

Managed Internet Access is cost-effective yet flexible solution for businesses that who can choose from a range of options, from 2MB to 1GB. Managed Internet Access includes IP addressing, a Cisco router and 24/7 support backed by a comprehensive SLA. You can even enhance this service with security and resilience options for hardware and connectivity.

Ethernet is ideal for organisations that need traffic prioritisation or large volumes of data, such as converged networks and or challenging applications. Ethernet lines allow you to upgrade bandwidth with no disruption to service. A viable and cost-effective option for businesses starting out and expecting to grow.

Trust Trident for Business Connectivity Solutions:

  • Reliable: 99.97% SLA with money-back guarantee
  • 24/7×365 technical support team and network engineers
  • Bandwidth guaranteed in both directions
  • Fully managed end to end

Managed Security
Firewall management – avoiding threats to your ICT infrastructure – is an on-going challenge for most organisations attempting to stay abreast of the latest security fears. A continual investment is needed to protect data on your network and stored within your hosted infrastructure. A managed firewall solution is the obvious option for many businesses that cannot afford to lose confidential and valuable data.

A Managed Firewall Service delivers industry leading hardware solutions and specialised skillsets to focus on proactive monitoring for potential security threats.

Equipment can be leased over the period of the contract, reducing cost of overheads, power and maintenance, as well as Taking advantage of continual updates, patches and access to unsurpassed security technology.

Trust Trident for Managed Security:

  • Cisco and Juniper firewalls
  • 24/7/365 update and patch service
  • Security Operations Centre
  • Guaranteed SLA
  • Lease options

Broadband for Home Workers
Many important employees now work from home, but often residential broadband connections do not deliver the speed and reliability needed due to contention ratios and poor local networks.

System administrators, often have to deal with a number of different network providers and a range of IP addressing issues, as well as different DSL services where QoS or CoS may not be properly engineered.

Providing your home workers a business broadband package will implement a single supplier solution that will reduce administration overheads, frustrations and costs and will allow you to deliver a home working solution that is manageable and secure.

We can provide dedicated business class lines that gives home workers secure access to the corporate network and central systems. Therefore employees can easily connect to the main office network and work more productivity.

Although business broadband packages have similar speeds to home broadband connections, (8Mb and 24Mb for example), business broadband lines provide prioritised network access, so your data gets through first.

Connectivity Solutions

  • ADSL & ADSL2+
  • 3G
  • SDSL (Symmetrical DSL)
  • Bonded DSL
  • Leased Lines
  • Ethernet
  • IP VPN
  • MPLS

Trust Trident for Home Workers:

  • Low price
  • High quality ADSL2
  • Up to 24Mb download
  • Upload speeds from 1Mb
  • 1 free static IP
  • Easy switch over
  • Easy upgrades
  • UK-based customer service and technical support