Hosted IP Telephony

Hosted IP Telephony

Hosted IP Telephony

Trident trusts CloudSelect Voice HD Telephony; a fully-hosted and managed telephony service. This means that your organisation can benefit from the world-leading Broadsoft PBX platform without the need for hardware installed at your site

What are the Benefits of Cloud Based Telephony?

Reduce capital cost
With IP platforms that are hosted in secure and resilient data centres, the only hardware at your office is a managed router, Power Over Ethernet (POE) switch, a managed internet connection, a choice of HD quality handsets or soft clients and structured cabling, if required.

Maximum flexibility
CloudSelect Voice is a modular solution based on the number of users needed; allowing you to add more when you need them. Choose the number of concurrent calls and the functionality you require for each user and CloudSelect will deliver the appropriate level of managed connectivity for your business.

Optimum control
A dedicated web portal provides control system features for individual users and administrators, enabling you to control everything from vital disaster recovery to ad hoc call routing plans, from any internet-enabled device.

Number portability
In most cases you can keep your current phone numbers even if you move office and add further UK numbers at any time. (Subject to porting agreement and number availability)

Automatically re-route calls in the event of an emergency or disaster, providing complete business continuity.

Add more users as needed and introduce new services to adapt to the changing needs of your organisation.

Unrivalled features
Realise productivity gains and benefits of high definition voice quality plus proven telephony functionality.

Administration & monitoring
The CloudSelect web portal allows an administrator or user to control both the system features and its integrated management tools.

Allocate single virtual numbers to flexible workers and remote employees, so that they appear as if they are based at the office.

CTI/CRM integration
Integrate your PC, phone and many leading CRM applications for enhanced customer contact management.

Presence status
See the status of your telephone users in real-time. Who is on the phone or available? Individuals can set their status to DND, available, out of the office or in a meeting.

Minimal on-site resource
The Network Operations Centre monitors the system 24/7/365 and provides full maintenance support, so you don’t have to.

Call & line costs
Free ‘on net’ calls between users and sites dramatically reduce call costs and savings can be made on line rental costs.

No upfront costs
Per user pricing and a simple price list puts you in control, delivering a clear return on expenditure. (Subject to finance approval).

User training through accredited specialists
CloudSelect trainers are industry-acknowledged experts who can teach you and your staff to get the most from your new solution.

How does hosted VoIP work?

Cloud Select Voice is a fully managed Hosted IP telephony system providing the same functionality of a high end PBX phone system. IP Telephony can provide flexible solutions to complex challenges and bring significant cost-efficiencies to your business.

Traditional PBX phone systems can rack up the costs quickly, needing equipment to be installed at every branch office. Hosted VoIP systems are different. Operated from a hosting platform and secure data centres, calls are delivered over a secure IP network saving you money and not requiring masses of new hardware.

Hosted VoIP systems can be adapted quickly to meet your requirements today and into the future. They’re ideal solutions for any business looking to easily connect to and communicate with homeworkers, remote offices or multi-site operations.


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