Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

To keep the organisation running in times of natural or man-made disasters is a serious concern and could even mean the life or death of a perfectly healthy company.

Simply buying two of every critical network element, and keeping them in discrete locations, is expensive. To protect against downtime then, a cost balance needs to be made with the size of your budget, built-in resilience and the spreading of your critical resources.

In other words, Business Continuity is all about assessing risks with cost.

What exactly are the risks to your business? How can you avoid interruption and system failures? What is the impact of such failure? What happens if you lose your phones and connection to the internet?

How do you manage to “keep calm and carry on” when disaster strikes? And not just major disasters, but simple power cuts, labour strikes, road and rail closures, fires, etc., can all disrupt your operations.

Today, continuous connection to the internet is paramount. We suggest high availability networks with guaranteed service delivery to be combined with disaster recovery measures; building in resiliency at an affordable cost. But also landline and mobile voice connectivity play a crucial role and can be elegantly and seamlessly blended.

Trident will help you to gear up for the unexpected. Our design consultants will help shield your company’s operation with a range of voice and data solutions that deliver flexibility and strength to your network and the people that use it.

So whether you are simply moving offices and just need to control the diversion of your key numbers to specific destinations, or you run a major city office with a mission critical data network operated by highly paid individuals – we can help

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