Good advice begets good decisions. And a good investment creates confidence in the decision makers and the organisation in general, which in turn forms a grounding for a lasting partnership.

By listening to our customers’ problems, their successes, and their plans for the future, a picture emerges of a current environment and a view of the road ahead. Being integrated into this landscape, Trident works alongside our customers to bring news, support, and security.

At Trident, we strive to be as independent as possible. We believe that no single manufacturer, network provider or carrier, has all of the answers all of the time and that no single technology or solution is right for every customer. We simply seek to match investment with expectation, generating respect for both parties.

  • Evaluation of Customer Needs
  • Application Discovery
  • Demonstrations and Proposals
  • Manufacturer Support
  • Reference Site Visits
  • Quotation and Agreement
  • Financing
  • Project Management
  • British Telecom / Carrier Liaison
  • Installation and Commissioning
  • User Training
  • System Administration Training
  • On-going Technical Support and Professional Services
  • Attentive Account Management
  • Updates on Industry News, Views and Emerging Technology