Call Recording / Call Logging

Call Recording Call Logging

Call Recording / Call Logging

Recording calls was once carried out only by very large organisations with similar budgets, but today
call recording brings benefits to most companies and organisations. The range of uses to which call recording is now being applied has expanded greatly. Users can now opt for solutions that record 100% of calls – essential in businesses that need to record calls for legal or compliance reasons.

The functionality of call recording solutions today goes beyond the simple recording of calls. You can now automatically analyse what is going on in those calls: from assessing the effectiveness of call handling scripts, to identifying customer service trends or spotting product mentions in calls.

Benefits of Call recording

  • Staff performance monitoring
  • Campaign and promotion evaluation
  • Training support
  • Regulation and code of practice compliance
  • Record transactions
  • Provide helpdesk replay reference

Trident trusts the award winning RecordX from Oak Telecom. A comprehensive line side and extension side call recording solution packed with innovative features to search, record, play and archive telephone calls. Leading edge web technologies ensure that RecordX is the most powerful yet easiest to use solution available today.

You may need to capture and retrieve recordings for regulatory compliance, or for business improvement through higher levels of customer satisfaction – RecordX will meet all your needs. It works with all technologies – ISDN, SIP and VoIP – in whatever combination you have chosen.

RecordX really delivers:

  • Fixed & Mobile
    Fixed line, Extension and Mobile recording in a single integrated solution
  • VoIP & SIP
    SIP trunks and IP extensions are also recorded to the same integrated solution
  • CRM/Database Integration
    Link valuable customer information to your recordings for search and playback.
  • Agent/Call Evaluation
    Ensure you deliver the best possible levels of customer service
  • FCA Compliant
    RecordX meets all the recommended compliance needs
  • PCI DSS Compliant
    Supports many options to allow you to mask certain credit card details.
  • Resolve Disputes
    Find calls quickly and email an extract to your client to confirm contract details.
  • Demonstrate Compliance
    Show that FCA & PCI DSS call recording rules have been followed.
  • Monitor Quality
    Review recordings to ensure that clients have been dealt with professionally.
  • Improve Performance
    Work with staff to develop their telephone and telesales techniques

Call Recording for Mobile Phones
The use of mobiles phones in offices is growing exponentially. Many users would rather use their smartphones, Apple iPhone and BlackBerry for example, to make business calls than they would their desk phone.

Demand for call recording on mobile devices has increased since the Financial Services Authority enforced the recording of all transaction conversations in the equity, bond, derivatives market and, in the autumn of 2010, removed the exemption on mobile phones. Additionally, as financial austerity continues, many organisations across the private and public sectors will be generally looking to improve efficiency and nullify disputes by having the ability to record phone conversations on all devices.

Trust Trident for Recording Mobile Phones:

  • Dispute Resolution
    Calls can be found quickly and an extract of the call can be emailed to a client to confirm contract details.
  • Compliance Demonstration
    It is quick and easy to show that compliance rules have been followed.
  • Quality Monitoring
    Calls can be reviewed to ensure that all clients have been dealt with professionally at all times.
  • Performance Improvement
    Recorded calls help staff to develop their telephone and telesales techniques.
  • Conference Facilities
    Share conference calls and online meetings with business colleagues.

In the UK, call recording is legal and there is no need to tell a caller they are being recorded although many companies do so out of politeness. The legislation surrounding which type of calls MUST be recorded is however more complex. In essence, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has issued guidelines which state all calls where money is transacted must be recorded. This is not just about stockbrokers but is also required when you are selling any form of product or service. And, if you are taking customer credit card details then further rules are in place. You can check these rules and guidelines yourself online at